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Difference between Novel and Book

  • Main Difference

    A book is a collection of pages bound together or kept together as an e-copy. The pages can contain non-fiction and fiction. In fiction, they can either have a variety of short stories, or be one story. A novel is a fictional book that has more than 40k words written in it.


    novelsNovel is necessarily a book on fiction. Moreover, novel is a term that refers only to a written work that contains a story described very elaborately. Thus, it can be said that novel is a subset of book.


    bookA book can be anything ranging from non-fiction to fiction. A book is a broad term used to talk about any written work pertaining to the subjects studied by the students, a non-fiction work, a work of poetry, a novel, or a written work on any discipline for that matter. Moreover, a writer of books is simply called an author or a writer.

    Key Differences

    • A book can be anything ranging from non-fiction to fiction. Novel, on the other hand, is necessarily a book on fiction.
    • All novels are books, but not all books are novels.
    • Novels are only those books that contain stories while books can be stories, poetry, workbooks, etc.
    • Novel can be called a subset of book, but vice versa is not a possibility.
    • A writer of a novel is known as a novelist. A writer of a book is called an author or writer. Sometimes, novelists are also known as writers.
    • A novel is written to tell a story from the beginning to the end. A book is written to discuss a subject matter. Thus, it can be said that a book and a novel differ from each other in terms of their purposes too.
    • Book is also used to speak of a set of blank sheets that are bound together for someone to write in. For example, exercise books.
    • A book is a set of written words or pictures on electronic or physical pages while a novel is a type of book that has a narrative structure and story. Novels are fictional, but books can be characterized as fiction or nonfiction.

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