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Difference between Air Brake and Oil Brake

Main Difference

In various sorts of brakes, the name of air brake which is formally known as a compressed air brake system is very popular at the present time. It is basically a type of friction brake that is available for those kinds of vehicles in which the system of the compressed air pressing on a piston is utilized in order to apply the pressure to the brake pad for the prime target of stopping the vehicle. Another brake that is used in vehicles very frequently is known as oil brake. The oil brake that is commonly use the hydraulic fluid works as the working medium. Since the name speaks itself, the oil brakes utilize the oil or hydraulic fluid for the purpose of operating the whole braking system of the vehicles. At the time when the brake pedal is pushed in the oil break, the oil is instantly pumped through the lines into the pistons that are mounted on wheels to provide resistance.

Air Brake

air-brakeMost of the time, the utilization of the air brakes can be observed in large heavy vehicles these vehicles includes those ones which have multiple trailers that should be assembled in such a wonderful mode that they are linked into the brake system. Therefore, you are able to see the use of the air bakes mainly in the buses, trailers, trucks, and semi-trailers as well as in the railroad trains. All of us are well aware with the true reality that the supply of air is limitless. As a consequence, the brake system based on air brake can never run out of its operating fluid. This is the main cause that the minor leaks while using the air brakes do not result in brake failures.

Oil Brake

oil-brakeOn the contrary, you are able to see the employment of the oil brakes in small or light vehicles such as passenger cars. Oil or hydraulic fluid present in the oil brakes is stored in a cylinder. There are two types of oil brakes known as drum brake and disc brake. The Drum brake is considered as a traditional technique which is not common these days. Nowadays, the use of the Disc brake is very common. In the disk brake system, you will find a brake reservoir in which the brake oil is stored. Other parts of the disk brake are master cylinder, brake lines, brake caliper, brake piston, brake pad and rotor. With the help of the master cylinder, the required oil is pumped from the reservoir to the break lines for stopping the vehicle.

Key Differences

  • As there is a plenty of air everywhere thus the supply of the air can never stop. As an outcome, the brake system based on air brake can never run out of its operating fluid. The supply of the oil brake is hydraulic or oil that can be finished and consequently, a minor leak may result in brake failures.
  • The hydraulic lines are harder to attach and detach than the Air line couplings. There is no danger of air getting into the air brake system as there is no hydraulic fluid is present.
  • It is a function of air that it stores potential energy along with a fluid for transmission of force. Therefore, the air is able to control the force applied. In the air brake systems, an air tank is present the main aim of which is to store sufficient energy to stop the vehicle if the compressor fails that is not the component of the oil brake.
  • A considerable leakage will not harm the functionality of the air brake while a slight leak in the oil brake is enough for its failure.

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