Difference between Apple iOS 8.3 and iOS 9

Main Difference

Apple! One company or brands that opened new horizons of advancement in technology. iPhone is one of an amazing inventions of Apple. Apple comes up with new software updates that literally leave people bewildered with surprise, iOS 8.3 and 9 are also two amazing software updates of Apple. The main difference between these two is, in iOS 9, the main work has been done upon Siri. The Siri UI has now got some pretty good features in it, better and advanced than before. This being the main difference.

iOS 8.3

apple-ios-8-3Apart from so many other features of this software update, special attention has been paid upon built in editing of picture. Now you don’t need to have some really good picture capturing sills because iOS 8.3 allows you to adjust your pictures and to make them look even better. Talking about messages, you can easily send your pictures and even videos to friends, family. Many shortcuts are added in this update, too. A smart keyboard is one of the perks. iCloud has always been a very important asset for iPhone and thus, it is in iOS 8.3 as well, with some new advancements.In this software update, you can maintain the continuity of your work by switching Apple devices if you want to.

iOS 9

apple-ios-9iOS 9 has new Siri and thus new intelligence. This is a proactive Siri and it get your things done even before you ask it to do so. One of the most important perks of this new software update is that ¬†they have added transit in maps also, travelling won’t be difficult now. Home screen, split screen, slide over, wallet App and many more features has added to the perks of having an iOS 9 in your Apple device. In iOS 9, now car support is also there and is supported wireless. Apart from all that, quick type is faster and responsive enough.


Key Differences

  • iOS is the most latest software update of Apple.
  • In iOS 9 the icons are smaller than iOS 8.3.
  • There is a low power mode in iOS 9 which is not there in iOS 8.3.
  • In iOS 9 there is no passbook, unlike iOS 8.3. It is replaced by wallet App.
  • In iOS 9 lower case letters will also appear on the keys of keyboard.
  • iOS 9 has introduced the addition of photos in the notes.
  • Car play is now activated in iOS 9, unlike iOS 8.3. Now you don not have to take your phone out of your pocket again and again, while driving.
  • Efficiency and multitasking has increased in iOS 9.

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