Difference between Chastity Rings and Purity Rings

Main Difference

Child abuse, sexual harassment, teen pregnancies, adultery, infidelity, increasing divorce rates, prostitution and free sex in the west and many more practices has been emerging at an alarming rate. That is where the concept of chastity and purity rings came into play. The main difference between chastity and purity ring is, chastity rings are mostly used by young ladies who vow to say virgin until they get into a wedlock. This ring indicated their purity and it reflect their feelings. On the other hand, purity rings are usually worn by ladies of US, to tell the world about their desire to stay away from such practices and about their pure thoughts.

Chastity Rings

chastity-ringsPeople all around the world think that teenagers in the western world are all hands down for getting involved in shameful practices. That’s where the concept of chastity and purity rings came out, in the 90’s. Teenagers bought and wore these rings to show the world that they hold a very bad image towards all of this. They wore them as representation of their promise to remain pure and chaste. It was introduced and advocated by Christian club who acknowledged and praised the ladies who used to wear these rings in order to show their abstinence from such vulgar practices. Even parents bought these rings to present it to their daughters. Girls used to wear these rings with pride to show their abstinence from this practice and to exhibit their pure intentions.

Purity Rings

purity-ringsMost designs of purity rings contain crosses to reflect the fact among the teenage girls that they have pure intentions and they are uninterested in free sex. Theses purity rings were also voguish among American teenagers. The main aim of these rings were to stay there in user’s finger and to remind that person constantly that she does not have to engage in sexual behavior or any act of vulgarity. People wear them as a sign of promise to remain chaste and pure. It helps them to restrain from sex, maintain their virginity ans stay celibate. It acts as a reminder of purity.

Key Differences

  • You wear a chastity ring as a promise to remain chaste. You wear a purity ring to promise to remain pure.
  •  Most designs of purity rings contain crosses as a symbol of Christianity.

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