Difference between Chiropractor and Doctor

Main Difference

The main difference between chiropractor and doctor is that chiropractor is not a fully licensed medical physician while a doctor can be a fully licensed medical physician subject to his level of education, training, and practice.

Comparison Chart

Basis of DistinctionChiropractorDoctor
DefinitionA person who diagnose and treat misalignments of joint by pressing them.A qualified person is holding a medical degree. He can also be a medical practitioner or physician
StatusNon-medical doctorsMedical doctors
Education/QualificationDoctor of ChiropracticMBBS or higher
Practice AreaPrivate practice clinics. Generalist practice, orthopedic related, neurology related, and general alignment and restoration dealing with the skeletal system.Shar same practice area with a chiropractor but with larger focus at clinics and hospitals.
Post-Grad Training1-year house job or internshipNone
Scope of PracticeA chiropractor is a fully licensed person to practice the complete spectrum of surgical and related medical specialtiesLicensed to practice chiropractic manipulation
Prescribe medicationsYesNo


chiropracticChiropractor is a medical person of the health care profession that evaluates treats and helps with the anticipation of the physical issue of the musculoskeletal structure, especially the spine. It is trusted that these disarranges influence your general health system through the sensory system. A chiropractor’s motivation is to reestablish capacity and steadiness to your spine. They do this by realigning the vertebrae in your spine utilizing spinal control. This discharges strain in your spine and takes into consideration muscles to be casual. Torment connected with the misalignment, for example, back pain, neck torment, and cerebral pains, is alleviated. A chiropractor likewise influences your sensory system. The acoustic system comprises of your mind and spinal rope. The cerebrum is at the exceptionally top of your sensory system, and the spinal line keeps running down the length of your spine. Your sensory system controls each muscle, organ, and cell in your body. With right arrangement of the spine, it permits the cerebrum to converse with all aspects of your body which advance better development, adjust, and nerve work.


doctorThe doctor or medical physicians is an expert who rehearses solution, which is related with advancing, keeping up, or reestablishing health system through the study, analysis, and treatment of infection, damage, and other physical and mental hindrances. Doctors may center their practice on certain infection classifications, sorts of patients, or strategies for treatment—known as expert medicinal professionals—or accept accountability for the arrangement of the proceeding and far-reaching restorative care to people, families, and groups—known as general specialists. Medical practice appropriately requires both an itemized learning of the scholarly controls, (such as life systems and physiology) hidden sicknesses and their treatment—the study of drug—furthermore a respectable skill in its connected practice—the quality or art of medicine. Both the part of the doctor and the importance of the word itself shift the world over. Degrees and different capabilities fluctuate generally, yet there are some conventional components, for example, restorative morals requiring that doctors indicate thought, sympathy, and kindness for their patients.

Key Differences

  • Doctors are allowed to prescribe medication while in most of the countries; chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe medication.
  • Medical treatment and procedures almost remain same in almost all countries while in the case of chiropractors it can vary by state.
  • As compared to the chiropractor, a doctor is a fully licensed medical person while a chiropractor is not.
  • A chiropractor is not required to have completed residency training in a hospital while it is required for doctors in many states.
  • Chiropractor can’t suggest the medications for patients while a doctor can.
  • The practice of a chiropractor doesn’t include the use of surgery or drugs while a doctor deals in all these areas.
  • Chiropractor is concerned with normalizing the alignment of the spine to influence the relationship between the spinal columns and the nervous system. A doctor medicine system is based upon the principle that the human body possesses self-regulating mechanisms that are the source of true healing.
  • Chiropractor wks to press or put pressure on the physiologic function of all of the organs and systems within the body. The doctor is trained to discover the treatment plan that these forces have already designed, at that moment, specifically for that patient.
  • A chiropractor is specialized in pediatrics, orthopedics, general rehab, internal disorders, radiology, neurology, sports med, occupational health, forensic sciences, etc. The doctor is specialized in neurosurgery, ophthalmology, ENT, pulmonology, pathology, cardiology, etc.
  • Chiropractors are organized by the American Chiropractic Association while doctors are organized by American Medical Association and American Osteopathic Association.

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