Difference between Compliment and Complement

Main Difference

There are number of pairs of words in English dictionary, which are similar in sounds and different in meanings. Among lot of same pronounced words, compliment and complement are two words, which are entirely different form each other. After reading this article you will be clear about both terms and will never confused next time to use which word.


complimentCompliment means to praising, encouraging, admiring or congratulating someone. For example, when I said that you are looking beautiful. That’s means I am praising your beauty. It is used both as a noun and verb. Compliment is always given in that moment when a subject or object appeared in front of us in its perfect state.


complements-9-728Complement is an English word, which is to some extent attached with word complete. It means to completing something or to make something perfect or flawless. We often use this word when we gives our opinion regarding a question and ask to do something extra to bring that thing in a perfect shape. It is used as a noun and verb. When we say it is complementary than now it is being used as an adjective.

Key Differences

  • Compliment means to admire someone as it is totally associated with praising. While complement means something complementary to an object or work and after fulfilling that, object will be in perfect form.
  • One useful technique to remember the definitions of both term is that compliment has one ‘e’ while complement has two ‘e’. By this technique you will become able to understand the differences between these two words.
  • Another way of remembering the meaning of both words is that, alphabet ‘i’ used in compliment but never used in complement.
  • Both compliment and complement are used as noun and verb but complement can be used as adjective if we say, it is complementary.
  • Compliment is given after something is in perfect state while complement requires something extra to complete the thing.

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