Difference between Culture and Religion

Main Difference

The main between custom and religion is that custom relies on the shared values of human being, its are usually manmade whereas religion is wholly associated to the God, The Creator and most of the religion on this planet claims their religion come from God facet.


cultureCulture is the shared values of knowledge, notion, concepts, customs, ideas, habits, and many alternative associated points which may be widespread between the members of a particular society. Culture might be makes use of to stipulate the difficult networks of practices and accrued knowledge and ideas that is transmitted via social interaction and exist particularly human groups or cultures. Some factors of human behaviours like language, social practices like kinship, gender and marriage, expressive varieties like music, dance, ritual, religion, and utilized sciences like cooking, shelter, garments are known as to be cultural universals, usually current in all human societies. Culture is completely totally different from neighborhood to neighborhood, space to space, or nation to nation.


religionReligion means the organised assortment of beliefs, myths, and world views that related humanity with each other to an order of existence. Many religions have their very personal narratives, and symbols that designate the meaning, and origin of life or universe of their very personal methodology. The observe of religion incorporates rituals, sermons, veneration, sacrifices, festivals, feasts, funerary suppliers, matrimonial suppliers, prayer, dance, music, public suppliers, or totally different factors of human custom. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and so on. are some widespread examples of religion. Every religion has its private religious chief or messenger.

Key Differences

  • Culture is a method of evolution whereas religion is a method of revelation.
  • Religion exists in some written varieties like holy or sacred books whereas custom exists in wise type. Behavior and habits reveals the custom of a particular neighborhood.
  • Religion is wholly God made whereas custom is manmade.
  • Two completely totally different religion principally shares the an identical custom. For occasion, quite a few the habits of American Christian and Muslims are an identical nevertheless an identical religion won’t have completely totally different cultures.
  • Cultures varies with the passage of time whereas it is inconceivable to rewrite the basic development or basic development of the religion.

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  • This explanations still did not answer me me I still need more because according to my understanding I thought Religion comes before culture then when people started to believe in different beliefs they form a culture

    • Sorry, the culture is before religion, the culture is a human evolution, but religion is a doctrine from one man called prophet to dictate certain particular inhuman rituals, which it is not accepted by other group of people.

      Culture is easily appreciated and shared, religion, is not, the history and recent events will show you most the wars are from religions.

      • Dude, do some research before you post comments which are just plain false, please
        “the history and recent events will show you most the wars are from religions.” … seriously??

        Here’s a list of the wars with the most casualties (all have over a million casualties each) … tell me if “most the wars are from religions” (sic) or are they due to politics, oppression, conquest, etc:

        World War II; Mongol conquests; Taiping Rebellion; Three Kingdoms War; Conquest of the Americas; Second Sino-Japanese War; Qing dynasty conquest of Ming Dynasty; An Lushan Rebellion (China); World War I/Great War; Dungan Revolt; Conquests of Tamerlane; Chinese Civil War; Russian Civil War and Foreign Intervention; Thirty Years’ War; Napoleonic Wars; Second Congo War/Great War of Africa; French Wars of Religion; Shaka’s conquests; Vietnam War/Second Indochina War; Mexican Revolution; Soviet war in Afghanistan; Korean War; Seven Years’ War; Iran–Iraq War/First Persian Gulf War; Japanese invasions of Korea; Biafra War

        So, of these bloodiest recorded wars in history, please tell me how many you count which were because of religion? It looks like the opposite; looks like more wars and deaths were caused by athiests who were trying to wipe religion out!

  • Religion hould be first and above everything.
    When a child is born in a religios family, he/she starts to believe differently from the inhertted relgion then he/she is movinf away from his parents faith and the danger is that one day either this individaul or their next generation may not have any faith/relegion.

    I hope this helps

    • Aziz,

      I have no religion or faith and turned out ok. I am a product of a secular society.

      It’s not dangerous at all. Far from it. I feel no ill will to any others and my ethics and morals are guided by my own self worth and instead belief in treating others how I would like to be treated.

      God(s) bless if one such exists, if not may you live untroubled.


    • i think that’s your right but my point of view is totally different from you i think culture develop your personality time to time

  • A few points may need to be cleared up here. Firstly this statement in the context is incorrect: ‘Religion is wholly God made while culture is manmade.’

    I agree that God would have to be proven to exist before we make such a statement, it is not factual because there is no evidence that a God exists on earth or anywhere else for that matter.

    A truer statement could read: Religion and culture are both man made, however religion is usually something invented by a prophet to dictate beliefs and control thoughts, it is often exclusive and its application can lead to power, money and manipulation through ideology.

    Religion is diverse and may be embedded within different cultures; while culture is mostly formed to express heritage and often serves mankind as a socially inclusive activity or creation. Culture is unique to a race, location and in time it changes slightly in some instances, likely moving forward with modern thinking more so than religion which in many cases remains in the dark ages or is changed in literature according to the author’s ideological beliefs.

    @Yusuf, my dear fellow, you are obviously delusional and perhaps slightly challenged, however your post suggests you may possess some research abilities by successfully quoting various wars and battles where millions have been killed, which is about where your accuracy ends.

    There is likely to be some religious aspect to every conflict you have listed, however I take some degree of dislike to your comment about ‘Atheists’ and this is where I will focus. Suggesting it is an agenda of people who do not believe in a God to wipe out religion by starting a war and killing millions of people makes me very sad for you and your kind and makes no sense whatsoever.

    I am afraid, my ideological & mystic friend, that you may need to become a free thinker before you can grasp the reality of your comments, sadly however your post is too commonly an expression of those who are holding onto the idea that something better is out there after your so preciously short existence ends.

    Live your life Yusuf, like it is the only one you have, because the evidence is strongly in favour that it is.

    Peace, brother!

    • To deny a creator when surrounded by the evidence of creation is delusional. Something from nothing is a philocephy of vanity in the minds of human fools.

    • seriously??…you’re the deluded one here…you’re obviously an atheist and I pray God opens your eyes before it’s too late for you…only a fool will say in his heart… ‘there is no God’.May God have mercy on you..I just hope you find “the way”….. peace be unto you

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