Difference between Degree and Major

Main Difference

Most of the students wish to take admission in the college or university for the prime goal of enhancing their study level and degree after they complete their high school studies. The importance of those students is far above the ground who have obtained a degree from a college as they will be considered to be more knowledgeable and industry ready as compared to others who have stopped their studies after the high school course. As an outcome, after passing your college exams, you will get a degree. It is a blank term in nature which will just specify your education level but don’t emphasize on the subject in which you have become master. Asking form someone about his or her subject in which he/she is majoring in means that he/she is asked about the subjects that he/she has covered in his studies. The major is not a blanked term at all because it particularly emphasize on some specialties that you have obtained from your education.


degreeThe degree has lots of forms such as for showing the Bachelor Degree, the Bachelor of commerce degree and the Bachelor of Science degree are used, and for the post graduation degree, the Ph. D and others are used. After the completion of your graduation, you will obtain a credential known as degree that is actually a paper diploma. The degree is given to you in your major field of study which means that if any person graduates from a university in which that person is majored in Biology then it is a sure thing that this person will obtain a bachelor’s degree in Biology. In fact, the degree is a blanked term that will justify your level of education but don’t show your expertise in a specific field. The term of Degree is well familiar to all and sundry. The meaning of the word of degree is just clarifies the stream like arts, science, commerce, or engineering that a student is pursuing at the undergraduate level. If someone describes that one has completed bachelor studies, it means that one has a degree. But the degree doesn’t represent the subject of the holder unless it is shown particularly.


majorThe major only shows the subject specialization of a person but you can’t guess the education level of a person just with the major. As a student, if someone asks you about the subject you are majoring in then it simple means your expertise that you will gain after passing your exams. It doesn’t mean that you are asked about your degree. The term of major is something else different from the degree as if you tell someone that you are doing BA from a college then it will never clear that what subjects you have chosen for your BA education though your education level and degree will be easily cleared. The main subject that is the centre of focus in any degree course is called the major. If a person claims that he/she has a BSc degree, then it is the indication that the person has the bachelor degree in science but it will never confirm his/ her major because the main subject is not mentioned. But on the other hand, if you say that you are BSc in biology then it will be confirmed not only your degree but major as well.

Key Differences

  • The term of Major is the representation of the subject in which any person has gained knowledge during his/her studies but on the other side, degree is the education level that a person has achieved.
  • The degree is a blanket term in nature which doesn’t define the specialty of the person. In contrast, the major shows the specialty of a person and hence, major is a specific term.
  • After using the Degree with the major, the education level and the main subject in which a person is master will be cleared.
  • The term of degree has the ability to be used for different majors. The word of major is utilized to one type of group, specializes in a definite field.
  • The degree can have various kinds but the major is only one of its kinds.
  • Degree shown education level but major not.

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