Difference between Democracy and Theocracy

Main Difference

A authorities system is perhaps of varied variety. It is perhaps in sort of democratic state, dictatorial state, monarchal state, presidential system or federal system, and so forth. But the ideology behind all sorts of system is perhaps of two varieties, each democracy or theocracy. Most of the individuals are acquainted with the phrase democracy nevertheless the few are acquainted with the theocracy, which ends up in confusion between democracy and theocracy.


democracySimple definition of democracy is “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” This authorities system depends on four guidelines: 1) Government is chosen and modified by people by means of free and trustworthy elections; 2) Citizens actively participate inside the politics; three) Protection of human rights of all residents is ensured; 4) Rules and guidelines are apply equally to all residents. This is an outdated sort of authorities system as a result of the Greek Civilization or Athens was the first nation on earth who adopted this technique in fifth century BC.


theocracyTheocracy is a kind of authorities, which depends on the ideology of religion that God is the supreme power and authorities system is run primarily based on the steering of the God. Roman Empire was the first authorities on the earth who launched the thought of theocracy and shortly they moved to Constantine system. To some extent Caliph system of Islam moreover appears to be theocracy sort of authorities, which depends on the supremacy of ALLAH Almighty. Before 18th century most of the European and American states had been primarily based totally on the ideology of religion and Jesus was considered as a result of the supreme power in a authorities system. This authorities system depends on the ideology that “God himself is recognized as the head of the state.”

Key Differences

  • Democracy gives the rights to citizen to take part inside the authorities electoral system whereas in theocracy solely spiritual leaders are allowed to sort the federal authorities and sometime technocrats can also take part inside the authorities system.
  • Basic human rights regarding opinion, vote, protest , and so forth. is ensured by democracy whereas in theocracy residents are sure to easily settle for the picks made by religious leaders.
  • Rules and guidelines in democracy are largely primarily based totally on the opinions of practically all of public representatives whereas theocracy undertake the foundations made by the God.
  • Democracy is among the easiest methods of making authorities because of now a days as a consequence of sectarianism in each religion, it is unimaginable to resolve which sectarian will run the federal authorities system.

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