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Difference between Dendrites and Axon

Main Difference

Both axon and dendrites are a part of neuron which is found throughout the nervous system. But they do have some contrasting characters. The foremost between an axon and a dendrite is, dendrites get hold of messages from totally different cells whereas axons passes messages from the cell physique to totally different neurons, muscle mass or glands. Dendrites are temporary branched course of whereas axon is one prolonged course of.


dendritesDendrites are fairly a couple of, various processes of temporary measurement, the branches are studded with spiny projections. The thickness of dendrite reduces as they divide. They carry alerts from pre-synaptic cell to the cell physique. They resolve the extent of movement potential produced by the neuron. They transmit electrical impulse by the upstream neurons by means of synapses.


axonAxon is a protracted course of which varieties a prolongation generally known as axon hillock. The cytoplasm of axon is known as axoplasm and it is in a position to carrying the impulse away from the cell physique. Moreover, axons form presynaptic terminal the place the neurotransmitters are launched and they ship alerts to totally different neurons. They carry alerts in path of the submit synaptic cell. They do embody neurofibrils nevertheless not Nissl’s granules.

Key Differences

  • A single axon is present in a neuron nevertheless various dendrites are there in a single neuron.
  • Axons are very prolonged whereas dendrites are temporary.
  • Axons are of uniform diameter nevertheless the diameter of dendrites in not uniform.
  • Axon arises from axon hillock whereas dendrites come up straight from the receiving flooring of neurons.
  • Axon is branches on the distal end solely.
  • Terminal branches of axon are more likely to form synaptic knobs.
  • In these knobs, the axons have neurotransmitter secreting vesicles.
  • Axon varieties efferent of impulse and dendrite varieties afferent of impulse.
  • Axons do not embody Nissl’s granules. Dendrites embody Nissl’s granules.

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