Difference between Foot and Feet

Main Difference

Foot and Feet are two phrases which may be generally confounded as regards to their utilization. In the estimation of tallness “foot” is utilized comparatively than “feet” as inside the sentence, ‘My sibling is six foot’. Point to be well-known that such a type of utilization is accomplished inside the conversational mannequin and not inside the composed mannequin. In the composed mannequin, “feet” could possibly be utilized as a part of the sentence ‘My sibling is six toes tall’. “Feet” is for primarily probably the most half utilized as a result of the plural of the phrase ‘foot’. The expressions, for example, ‘100-Feet Street’ and ’40-feet hyperlink’ are generally heard inside the conversational mannequin. “Foot” then as soon as extra is utilized as a part of the solitary building as inside the expression ’67 for each sq. foot’. The utilization ’67 for every square-feet’ just isn’t correct. “Foot” is utilized for the exacerbated phrases. We can say the examples of the uncovered footed, expansive footed on the like. In such expressions, it is utilized as a part of a modifier. You can see that the phrases uncovered footed, huge footed and so forth are descriptors in expressions, ‘uncovered footed explicit particular person’, ‘in depth footed creature’ and so forth. The “feet” is utilized the place there are phrases between the issue and the modifier as inside the sentence ‘The beast is 9 toes tall’. After checking this expression, you will come to know that the “feet” is utilized between the issue “nine” and the descriptive phrase ‘tall’. The “foot” is utilized as part of a modified as inside the sentence ‘He was an eight-foot evil presence’. In this sentence ‘eight-foot’ is utilized as modifier portraying the issue, significantly, the evil spirit. It is fascinating to note that “foot” is utilized for primarily probably the most half as a part of hyphenated buildings though “feet” is utilized every as a part of the hyphenated building and in addition to inside the issue frames. This is likewise a major distinction between the two phrases, significantly, “foot” and ‘toes’. Every one amongst us realizes that foot is the solitary and toes is its plural. Likewise, we discover that one ought to say foot when talking with regard to an issue in one in all many legs whereas utilizing the time interval toes when discussing every the legs. Nonetheless, there are fully totally different type of utilizations of these phrases that maintain folks perplexed. At that point, there’s the unit of estimation known as a foot that is equal to 12 inches. Its plural is furthermore toes so after we’re alluding to the scale of an merchandise, we benefit from the time interval toes inside the event that it is better than 12 inches in dimension.


footAs specified inside the presentation, the vital significance of the phrase foot is the lower part of the leg. The Oxford English phrase reference presents a cheap meaning of this as takes after. A foot is “the lower furthest degree of the leg beneath the lower leg, on which an individual stands or strolls.” When you study any such sense, you will notice that that the accompanying illustration could be caught on. She went close to the lake and put a foot into the frosty water. This illustration demonstrates that the particular person on this sentence put stand out a foot into the water. Presently observe the case given beneath. I might not contact it with a 20-foot submit. Any explicit one that wouldn’t know with the subtleties of English dialect hears the sentence, he may think that it’s troublesome to course of the utilization of foot with 20 prefixed sooner than it. Accordingly, plainly when one is one factor that is in merchandise of toes, the time interval foot is to be utilized comparatively than toes. In such cases, the foot is utilized as a descriptive phrase to portray the merchandise coming thereafter. The foot may be utilized equal to she exited her footwear on the foot of the steps. This implies she exited her footwear on the bottom of the steps. The foot is a royal unit of estimation that is thought to be a lot much less actual than a meter that is the standard unit of estimation in SI objects. Notwithstanding, it is nonetheless utilized as a part of fairly a number of parts of the world along with the US that institutionalized it in 1959.


feetFeet is de facto the plural kind of the solitary issue foot. In that sense take a gander on the accompanying illustration. Henrietta put her cleared out a foot into the stream whereas her sibling put his toes with out a second’s delay into the icy water. This case demonstrates that whereas Henrietta put one and solely of her toes into the water her sibling put every his into the water.

Key Differences

  • The foot is a unit of estimation inside the magnificent framework whereas toes is its plural.
  • The foot is one leg whereas after we speak about every legs we allude to them as toes.
  • The foot is likewise utilized as a descriptive phrase to depict the merchandise coming a short time later.

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