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Difference between Golden Globes, Oscars and Emmys

Golden Globes vs Oscars vs Emmys

Golden Globe awards holds a special prestige and, is given out to honor the works and makers in both cinema and television industries. These include categories for which nominees are selected from both domestic and foreign makers. The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, is the most eminent award there is in the world of cinema. Inclusive of almost 24 different categories, Oscar awards are granted to honor the prestigious works of film makers. This involves only the cinema industry. On the other hand, Emmys are prestigious awards which serve as a recognition for the performances in the television industry. Emmy awards are restricted to only the television industry.

Comparison Chart

Golden Globes Oscars Emmys
Serves as Prestige in both Television and Film Prestige in Cinema Prestige in Television
Recognition In both film and cinema In Film In Television
Presented by Hollywood Foreign Press Association Academy of Motion pictures Arts and Science IATAS, NATAS and ATAS
Awarded first on Jan 20th 1994 May 16th 1929 Jan 25th 1949
Period of existence 73 years 87 years 68 years
First Presented at 20th Century Fox Studios Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood Athletic Club

The Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globe awards are a symbol of prestige in both the art of Cinema and Television. It serves to provide recognition for the excellence in the works of both of these industries. The Golden Globes award has been presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the past 73 years making it the most desirable and a historic award. It includes categories inviting artists all around the world to present their work. It began first in 1944 at 20th Century Fox Studios, Los Angeles and was bestowed upon by 93 members of the HFPA. Back in 1950, the HFPA made the decision to make the Golden Globe awards recognizable as an honor appreciating excellent contribution in this art.

The Academy Awards (Oscars)

Given in the light of 24 different categories, the Academy Awards holds a prestige which unparallel. It is given as a sign of merit to actors, directors and other co-film makers who have excelled in the art of cinema. Only the best of the best efforts are considered for an Academy Award. It is presented in different locations each year by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Winning an Oscar is truly an historic achievement. The first ever Academy Awards was held on May 16, 1929 and was first broadcasted on live television in 1953. The Academy Award ceremony is aired live in over 200 countries across the globe.

The Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards are given to honor the most superb performance-based works of excellence in the television industry. Similar to other prestigious awards like the Tony awards in music and Oscar awards in cinema, Emmys are a mark of merit in the world of Television. Presently, Emmy awards are given out to members of the American Television industry only. Then again it has been around for over 68 years and is an historic achievement. The Emmy awards are organized by the joint efforts of the Academy of Television Arts and Science (ATAS), National Academy of Television Art and Science (NATAS) and the International Academy of Television Art and Science (IATAS). Emmy awards are given in various different categories, hence is held by separate events throughout the year.

Key Differences

  • The Golden Globe Awards is presented to those who have excelled in both Television and Cinema.
  • Academy Awards are presented for excellence in cinema and is the most prestigious awards in this sphere.
  • Emmy awards are presented for excellence in performance in Television.
  • Golden Globe Awards are given out in both Film and Television.
  • Oscars are given out only in Film.
  • Emmys are given out only in Television.
  • The Golden Globe is presented domestically in the American film and television industry but also include international contributions.
  • Oscars are presented to American works but also appreciates international contributions.
  • Emmys are restricted to only American contribution.

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