Difference between Hard Disk and RAM

Main Difference

Computer outlets its memory and data in to 2 models, RAM and Hard Disk. Temporary and transient time interval is saved in RAM and eternal or long term memory or data is saved by onerous disk. Both are the integral parts of your system. If talk about , between them is like that one is in east path and completely different is in west path.

Hard Disk

hard-diskHard Disk is a drive, which affords you to retailer your data for a really very long time. All your non-public data like music, images, films and data are saved by onerous disk. Its elementary measuring fashions are Gigabytes (GB) and Terabytes (TB). You can uninstall and save new data in keeping with your demand. In case of additional storage requirement, you need to use exterior onerous disk drive  as properly. Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital are largest producers of inside onerous disk whereas exterior onerous disk are largely manufactured by ADATA, Freecom, LG, Samsung and Toshiba.


ram-2RAM is the acronym of Random Access Memory, which is used for storage of laptop computer data, not your non-public data. This machine is used to study and write data.  It momentary outlets the laptop memory and keep it until system is on and will erased it after your system go shutdown. RAM has two varieties SRAM (static RAM) and DRAM (dynamic RAM). It is on the market from 256MB to 8GB sizes. With improve in RAM dimension system might be able to perform before sooner than.

Key Differences

  • All data you saved on onerous disk are fully saved all through utilization and after shutdown. While RAM retains memory until system is working. All the memory will doubtless be erased routinely after your system switched off.
  • Currently, RAM may be discovered from 256MB to 8GB (not too way back launched by Seagate). While onerous disk dimension begins the place RAM dimension ends. 10GB to 8TB dimension onerous disk may be came upon there.
  • RAM is simply a chip containing some circuits. Hard disk is sort of a machine having a lot of parts like platters, plastic disc, magnate, writer & reader bar.
  • If you are working wanting onerous disk home, you need to use exterior onerous disk in your data storage. There isn’t any alternative for exterior removable RAM.
  • Whenever we feature out some exercise, memory first comes from RAM instead of onerous disk. Hard disk is a secondary indicate for circulation of memory.
  • RAM works before onerous drive. Basic objective of RAM is to fast the effectivity of system. If you’ve got gotten low RAM, your system velocity will doubtless be low. Main objective of onerous disk is to retailer data. If you’ve got gotten low functionality onerous disk there’ll doubtless be a lot much less impression in your system velocity.
  • Additional RAM demand requires no Window nonetheless for those who want to change your onerous disk, will most likely be workable after current Window.

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