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Difference between HIV and AIDS

Main Difference

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. AIDS, itself is a disease. The main difference between HIV and AIDS is, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. AIDS is actually the name of a condition or a syndrome. It stand for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. AIDS occur when HIV attacks the body’s immune system. So, AIDS is a condition brought about by HIV.


hivHIV is a virus which leads to a condition called AIDS. It attacks the immune system of the body and suppresses the T cells. It is such a strong virus that our immune system is at times, unable to defeat the virus. HIV can be transmitted from person to person by various means like blood, saliva, semen and other body fluids. It could also be transmitted via transfusion of blood and even during pregnancy, from mother to fetus. Incubation period of HIV is 2-3 weeks. Firstly, it produces flu like symptoms and then the disease progress. Because it tends to attack our immune system that’s why our body is not able to function well and various bacterial, viruses, opportunistic organisms attack our system.


aidsAIDS is a syndrome which has mass effects on our busy. A person having AIDS is unable to fight infections because of weak immune system. Such a person tends to develop tuberculosis, pneumonia, malignancies and certain infections. The body is weak and is not able to fight against these diseases. AIDS destroy CD4 cells so the cell count drops. We can diagnose this disease by doing the cell count or even antibodies which are produced against this virus. Flu like symptoms progress and then eventually many more symptoms begin to appear like coughing, shortness of breath, fever, weight loss, seizures, coma and even cancers of skin and other organs of the body.

Key Differences

  • HIV is the name of virus and AIDS is a condition which is caused by HIV.
  • HIV attacks the immune system of the body, mainly CD4 cells and eventually weakens the immune system.
  • In AIDS, the symptoms progress from flu like and the body becomes more prone to opportunistic infections.
  • AIDS is a condition which is very unusual in someone who’s not infected with HIV.
  • Now a days, drugs are there in market which treat HIV before AIDS could even develop in a human.
  • HIV could be transmitted from one person to another by body fluids, sharing needles or syringes, blood transfusion and even during pregnancy.
  • Invention of drugs has taken place which are able to stop the fatal outcomes of HIV in time.
  • HIV could be avoided by taking care and by following precautions.

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