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Difference between Invivo and Invitro

Main Difference

Invivo and invitro are Latin words. The main difference between invivo and invitro is, invivo means ‘within the cell’. On the other hand invitro means ‘within the glass’. Invivo is the experiment or observation which is implied on living tissues of the whole organism in a controlled environment. Invitro is the experiment which is implied on tissue outside the living organism, using petri dishes and test tubes.


invivoInvivo experiments are done on the organism itself or on the environment of an organism. Invivo observations are done on living organisms solely and not on dead or even partially dead organisms. For example, for invivo experimentation, we can use model organisms like rabbit, apes and we can directly inject drugs into these organisms. Invivo experiments became very famous with the use of micro organisms as models. Animal models are also used in genetic manipulation experiments. Now a days, gene knock out technology has been introduced which involves isolating a gene and then replacing it invivo with a defective copy.


invitroInvitro experiments are carried out in controlled lab conditions outside the living organism. For instance in some petri dishes or glass tubes. A test tube baby is the biggest example of invitro fertilization. Many experiments of biology are conducted outside the organism because the test requirements or conditions do not favor the conditions in the organism. If we perform any experiment inside an organism, naturally we will be more conscious while carrying it out and that is what make the results much confined to a narrow spectrum. So that is the reason why we opt of invitro experiments because it provides with quicker results and is not expensive.

Key Differences

  • Invivo experiments are carried out within an organism. Invitro experiments are carried out within a glass.
  • Invivo experiments are done in model organisms but invitro experiments are carried out petri dishes or test tubes.
  • Invitro fertilization is more quicker.
  • Invitro fertilization is not expensive as compared to invivo fertilization.
  • Invivo experiments have many restrictions because the experimentation is carried out in an organism.
  • Experiments done invivo are more precise. Invitro experiments are less precise.
  • Invivo experiments are more time consuming.

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