Difference between Jodhpurs and Breeches

Main Difference

The length is the major difference that you will find between the jodhpurs and breeches .These are the Jodhpurs which end at the ankle of the users and it may be comprised of a stirrup for the basic target of preventing the user’s leg from riding up. The jodhpurs have the trend of bunching up even with the utilization of the stirrup, causing the feelings of discomfort for the users particularly at the time when they used it with the long riding boots. Because of this fact, the riders like to make use of the paddock shoes or short boots which are called the Jodhpur boots as well. The jodhpurs boots are versatile by nature and therefore, they can work best for children. They will be ideal for the adults at the same time during the training sessions because they allow the users to wear chaps or gaiters with them in addition. The utilization of the breeches is ideal in the show ring. The breeches are capable of wearing with the long riding boots prevent legs of the users from exposure as they end at the mid-calf with button or Velcro closures. The breeches are able to offer more comfort for the users when they paired them with high equestrian boots, that’s why most competitive riders like to utilize them than that of the jodhpurs during the shows or other sanctioned events. The selection of the pants for competition needs to check the rules first seeing that along with the strictly limit color choices, show could be other terms and conditions as well.


jodhpursJodhpurs are tight-fitting pants by nature and the length of these pants is enough to reach to the ankle ending in a snug cuff. The evolution of the Jodhpurs can be found from the ancient Indian trousers known as the Churidar that is still worn at the traditional weddings parties these days. Sir Pratap Singh who was the son of the Maharajah of Jodhpur is the first person who made the use of the Jodhpurs popular among the people. In the celebration of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee in England, it was his team that wore jodhpurs during a polo match. After this event, the fame of the Jodhpurs raised and they were adapted by the British polo playing community by and large and were worn with tall riding boots for playing polo. After this historical occasion, the riders as well as the common people use the jodhpurs in general. The military sector of many countries, especially the officers of Nazi Germany, the USSR, East Germany, and other Soviet Bloc countries utilized this dress. Just like the Churidar, the color of the Jodhpurs is usually white or cream colored, but other colors are also available for the users. The Jodhpur boots or paddock boots with the knee-length leggings are the common accessories used together with the Jodhpurs. The Jodhpurs are available in different forms as well such as the Kentucky Jodhpurs which are lengthy, ending in the flared bell-bottom, and able to cover the arch of the foot in front.


breechesThe Breeches are available in the form of knee-length and this clothing is closed by nature. The Breeches are fastened about the leg by means of the buttons, straps, buckles, brooches, or drawstrings just according to the requirements of the users. The utilization of this type of lower clothing was worn by men in the era of 16th century to the 19th century. The breeches are available in many types such as the Spanish breeches, Petticoat breeches and Rhine graves of the 1600s in addition to the Knickerbockers which was come in front of the people in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The use of the Breeches can be traced in the Greeks as well in the form of the Vraka, and the Native Americans had breechcloth or breechclout in the name of Breeches. At the present time, the employment of the Breeches can be found in the shape of the protective clothing in the martial arts of fencing and as riding breeches. The fasteners which are utilized now in the breeches are made of spandex, zippers, and Velcro. For riding purpose, the Knee patch breeches, Full seat breeches, Jockey’s breeches or silks, and the Full seat breeches are employed just according to the requirements of the users.

Key Differences

  • The people of the western world utilized the Breeches from the period of 1600s to the 1900s but the jodhpurs are the lower clothing of the Indian’s men.
  • The length of the Breeches is up to knee whereas the jodhpurs cover the area till ankle.
  • The major use of the Breeches can be seen in fencing. In contrast, the jodhpurs were worn by the military officers of some countries.

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