Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom

Main Difference

Knowledge, information, awareness, wisdom and insight sound like same term, but they are not. Although they all refer to mind thoughts, experiences and educations but a wide gap still exists between them. There are lot of differences in their meanings and implementation in our lives. Before making the differences between them, it is important to understand both separately.


knowledgeKnowledge mean to know about something, to be familiar with something. It is an understanding or familiarity about a subject, which comes through learning, education, experience or perception. It can be practical or theoretical. It is about data that we acquired through investigation, research, conferences and debates. It is to know about past information and recent activities. It is about learning and knowing something every day. This is the knowledge which distinct the man from other creatures. Our survival on earth relates to knowledge and new developments. Today new discoveries and inventions are due to knowledge of different fields.


wisdomWisdom mean to apply your knowledge, information, data and experience wisely and intelligently. It is the art to distinct between right and wrong, wishes and necessities, bad and good. Your decisions, actions, common senses and thoughts in different situations decides how wiser you are. It is not something you learn through books or schools. It is the ability to think about a situation in depth. It is saying that, “Deciding between right and wrong is the start of wisdom. But choosing better in two best situations and choosing appropriate in two worse situation is the peak of wisdom”.

Key Differences

  • Wisdom is not something you acquired simply through books, education or schools. It is an ongoing process, which comes through evolution of your mind. On the other hand, knowledge always comes from learning, experiences and debates. It is just a familiarity with something.
  • Knowledge is about to learn others. How things are going on around you, learning about new information. Wisdom starts from yourself. It first tells you about yourself and help to shape your character. What is the purpose of your life and how can you give meaning to others life.
  • Knowledge gives you a theoretical approach. It tells you how to earn money, get a position or status or introduce things. Wisdom gives you a practical approach. It tells you to implement all above things wisely and makes all beneficial for a long term.
  • Wisdom is wider than knowledge. In fact where knowledge ends, wisdom starts. Knowledge has no value until put into practice. Wisdom brings knowledge with in it but having knowledge is not the proof of wisdom.
  • Knowledge is associated with mind but wisdom comes from spirit and faith. Knowledge has limits but wisdom is unlimited.“He that can compose himself is wiser than he that composes books.” Benjamin Franklin.
  • Knowledge can be useful or harmful. Gaining the knowledge of drugs or weapons with the intention of illegal activities will be harmful for humankind. Wisdom has always-positive effects. Today the environment of materialism necessities its demand.
  • Wisdom never comes with age. Even sometimes children are wiser than old man is. It is God gifted. While you can attain knowledge in any age, and how you know about a subject will depend upon your learning efficiency.

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