Difference between LAN and WAN

Main Difference

Both LAN and WAN stands for laptop neighborhood that allows the interconnection of laptop methods. Although the first operate of every is to supply net to the shoppers nevertheless nonetheless there are numerous degree of variations between. The main variations between LAN and WAN is that LAN is a sort of laptop neighborhood that covers a small geographic areas akin to deal with, office, group of buildings or institutes. On completely different hand, WAN is sort of laptop neighborhood that covers a broad geographical area akin to metropolitan, worldwide areas, regional, and so forth.


lanLocal Area or Network (LAN) or simply LAN is a sort of laptop neighborhood that covers a small geographic area akin to deal with, office, a small metropolis, any establishing or institute. In earlier, ARCNET, and Token Ring have been used as a LAN nevertheless over the evaluation in net, Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the present shapes of LANs. Due to its localized nature, the data change speeds a extremely extreme in LAN and it might be managed and managed by one particular person or small dimension group. The repairs value of LAN might be very low.


wanWide Area Network or straightforward WAN is a sort of laptop neighborhood that covers a big geographical area and communicated all through metropolitan, worldwide areas, nationwide boundaries, all through regional and over a protracted distance. It use leased telecommunication strains. WAN are typically utilized by enterprise and authorities companies to connect make strong neighborhood communication amongst employees, buyers, supplier and shoppers from quite a few components of the world. Due to its big safety, it turns into usually powerful to deal with and prepare the LAN. Moreover, the maintenance value of WAN might be extreme as consider to PANs, LANs, CANs, and MANs.

Key Differences

  • LAN has to cowl small geographical area that’s why its data change speeds are extreme. While WAN has to cowl bigger distance which suggests knowledge has to journey prolonged distance, so there is likely to be mechanically low change tempo.
  • LAN is usually managed and managed by one particular person or a small dimension group whereas WANs have collective or distributed possession and administration for each specified area.
  • LAN has low repairs value whereas WAN setup costs are typically bigger on account of hook up with distant areas.
  • It could also be very easy to trace out errors or fault in LAN that could be very onerous in case of WAN.
  • Data transmission error payment in WAN could possibly be bigger as consider to LAN.
  • LAN is far much less congestion whereas WAN is further congestion.
  • LAN have a small geographical safety so there isn’t a such factor as a need of leased telecommunication strains. While WAN use leased telecommunication strains on account of its big coated geographical area.
  • For connectivity, LAN makes use of the utilized sciences of Ethernet and Token Ring. WAN makes use of the know-how of MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay, and X.25 to make prolonged distance connection.

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