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Difference between Leader and Manager

Main Differences

Both leader and manager are responsible for organizing work and people in the organization, however, the ways of doing the work adopted by those are entirely different from each other. The main difference between leader and manager is that leader innovates and directs its people while manger follows the already agreed rules and procedures and like to command.


leaderA leader is person who gives lead to others. He gives the guidance and direction to his followers and followers follow the lead that they are given. Followers look to their leaders for direction and guidance, Leader also influence others, and can inspire them and motivate them. The main quality of a successful leader is that he is task oriented and people oriented at the same time. Instead of giving command and orders to his work, he like to directs them and make them able to take step in his absence. Instead of traditional way of working, he believes in innovation and creativity. That’s why he never hesitate in taking new steps.


managerManager is a person who is responsible for planning, controlling, communicating and coordinating in an organization structure. He set objectives, plan for the achievement of those objectives, organize resources for the achievement of planned objectives, monitor actual performance against budgeted targets, coordinate activities, take corrective measures where necessary, etc. Instead of directing employees and giving them opportunity to take risk, he believes on giving commands and orders. He wants the task to be done at any cost and never cares about people. He always ask how and when instead of finding the way by himself.

Key Differences

  • Manager is a formal authority listed in organizational structure while leader is an informal authority as he is selected by the group of people in the organization, however, there can be business leaders designated by the organization.
  • Manger likes to commands, leader likes to direct.
  • Manger is more task oriented and less people oriented while leader is both task and people oriented. He cares for the organization and the people working in the organization.
  • Manger have the knowledge of the bottom line while leader believes on the in-depth knowledge of the work.
  • Manger only performs his duty while leader makes leaders.
  • Manager is copy while leader is genuine and original.
  • Mangers follow the formal ways of doing working whiles leader challenges the status-quo and makes innovations.
  • Manger has role in planning and implementing the organization structure whiel leader has no such role.
  • Mangers produces high quantity with less quality. Leader generates less quantity but high quality output.

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