Difference between Methodist and Presbyterian

Main Difference

For Methodists, Salvation can be conceded for those individuals who put stock in God. As indicated by Presbyterians, the choice with reference to who is to be spared and who is not is to construct exclusively in light of God’s will. That is to say, God stipends Salvation to anointed ones paying little heed to the force of their confidence in him. Methodists show that, in spite of the allowed Salvation, the devotee can possibly lose it and come back to the “unsaved” state, while he is to move in the opposite direction of God’s instructing eventually of his life. For Presbyterians, in contrast, Salvation is perpetual; in any case what sort of musings or deeds men who are spared perform after the Salvation is allowed.


methodistThe Methodist development was established by its brains John Wesley, a British scholar, and the mastermind who began the new development with his more youthful sibling Charles in Oxford, England, in the eighteenth century. The two siblings were pioneers of the Holy Club that facilitated gatherings of the dynamic religious masterminds who looked to change the obsolete, as they thought, standards and practices of the far reaching current Church of England. Thus, another development began and it rapidly drew an extensive number of adherents. A bit on the disorderly side toward the starting, the Methodist development was recognized for its mutual declarations of the convention, devotion and, dubious at the time, the precept of Sola Fide – the corpus of lessons concentrated on unadulterated Faith.The Methodist development found a considerable measure of supporters abroad, in the United States and somewhere else, for its openness to the common laborers. The Methodist development additionally got to be well known among slaves in the Southern conditions of the United States. Purported “dark holy places” were established that keep on operating right up ’til the present time.


presbyterianThe Presbyterian development is a religious convention inside the Reformation development. Starting in the British Isles in the sixteenth century, the Presbyterian development bears a lot of likenesses with the Calvinist development. The last was established by the powerful French scholar and Minister John Calvin. Presbyterians acknowledge the center scholar precept of Calvinism. It is known as the Doctrine of Grace. It basically stipulates the characteristics of the Divine Grace conceded by God to anointed ones. Presbyterians additionally share to some degree perplexing theoretical ideas of Calvinism, for example, Predestination. It means God knows ahead of time what the request of future occasions will be. Sovereignty is everything is left for God to choose, men can do nothing to stop or forestall things imagined by God.

Key Differences

  • The Presbyterian Church restricts capital punishment straightforwardly, for any wrongdoing. The Methodist Church permits capital punishment for genuine violations.
  • The Methodist Church utilizes the love manage: ‘The Directory of Worship’. The Presbyterian Church utilizes ‘The Book of Discipline’ as its love guide.
  • The Presbyterian confidence “calls” or contracts ministers while the Methodists send their current ministers to different church areas.
  • The Methodist Church perceives the great deeds of the general population as an image of the quality of their confidence, concentrates on ‘deeds, not ideologies’. The Presbyterian Church puts stock in legitimization just by effortlessness. Also, says that the ‘foreordained choose’ is the main thing that will prompt paradise.
  • Salvation is given to the individuals who have Faith in the Methodists. God picks who to be spared according to the Presbyterian.
  • Devotees choose whether to succumb to Divine Grace or not according to the Methodist. The Divine Grace is unequivocal according to the Presbyterian.
  • Indeed, even spared men can be lost again in the Methodist. The “Once spared, constantly spared” is the slogan of the Presbyterian.

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