Difference between Nail Polish and Lacquer

Main Difference

The main difference between nail polish and nail lacquer is that nail polish is used for decorating the nails only and it is just like fluid like varnish, whereas, nail lacquer is thicker as compared to nail polish and it adds coating layer on the nail.

Comparison Chart

Basis of DistinctionNail PolishNail Lacquer
DefinitionIt is a cosmetic product that is used on fingernails and toenails to color them and make them shinyA cosmetic product that is used to beautify and protect the nail plates of fingers and toes.
ThicknessNail polish is less thick as compared to the nail lacquerIt is known for its thickness
CompositionThe nitrocellulose is mixed with the solvent in their compositionThe nitrocellulose is mixed with the alcohol in their composition
What It OfferIt offers a presentable and designer look to the nailsIt provide shine and glow to the nails
Additional CoatingNoYes
EffectsGive a decorative designer lookStrengthen the nails by providing a thick coating over nails

Nail Polish

nail-polishNail polish is a kind of cosmetic beauty product mainly used for decorating and protecting the nail plates. It is equally used on both fingernails and toenails. Since the introduction in ancient time in China 3000 BC, it has been continuously enhancing to get more decorative effects. It is the mixture of organic polymer, gelatin, egg whites, vegetable dyes, color, artificial decorative products and many other components subject to the brand producing it. In ancient time, the red and black color was mostly used that are now replaced by various other colors. Five different types of nail polish are a base coat, top coat, gel, matte, and shellac. Today it can be found in several colors and shares. Now these are not restricted to solid colors only and have been developed into many shaded colors and verities like glitter, crackled, flake, iridescent, speckled, holographic and several other. Most of the ladies use it as a standalone product while most use it with rhinestones and other decorative products and these are applied after applying nail polish. Although it decorates the hands and gives a stylish look to the user at the same time, the excessive usage of nail polish can lead to health risks as well as it contains more amount of chemicals and artificial materials.

Nail Lacquer

nail-lecqureLacquer is a decorative material used as a protective and decorative coating on fingernails and toenails. The usage of lacquer is not restricted to nail only rather than a generic term that is often used to denote the varnishing wood, plastic, and several other products to give then shiny finishes. As compared to nail polish, it can use for denoting a number of groups. It is being used since ancient to give the shiny finish to solid materials especially wooden products. In modern day, in addition to being used as a shiny material for nail and nail polish, it means a range of colored and clear wood finishes that dry by curing process and left the durable and hard finish. It is called to be most stable and durable than nail polish that’s why is hard to remove. It is often confused with nail polish but different to nail polish on many aspects. First of all, it is used to give the nails a shading or sparkling. It is not necessary to use nail lacquer with nail polish. It can be used as a standalone product as well to give a natural look to the nails as it only put an additional clear coating over the nails protecting the nails in addition to sparkling them.

Key Differences

  • Nail lacquer is available in particular and mostly in standard colors while nail polish is available in multiple shades and mixed colors.
  • Nail polish is more decorative as compared to the nail lacquer.
  • Nail polish is particularly used to color and decorate nails while nail lacquer is particularly used to protect the nails from environmental effects in addition to adding beauty.
  • As nail lacquer is harder than nail polish, so it is more chip resistant as compared to the nail polish.
  • Most of the stylist and cosmetologist recommend for the nail lacquer because it strengthens the nails by adding an extra layer.
  • Nail polish is of an ancient origin while nail lacquer is the gift of the modern era.
  • Nail lacquer takes lesser time to dry off as compared to the nail polish. It also sustains for a longer period than nail polish.
  • The colors of nail lacquer are more lasting and show lesser decoration as compared to the nail polish.
  • Nail polish is harder to remove and requires a remover. Nail lacquer is easy to remove and sometimes don’t needs remover because it is easy to peel off.
  • When it comes to the odors, nail lacquer has a strong smell as compared to the nail polish.

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