Difference between PGDM and MBA

Main Difference

The majority of the people, after gaining 1 or 2 years knowledge in the management field, believe of following up an MBA or a PGDM course, so as to extra polish their qualifications and job prospects. Although a lot of people think that there is a distinction between the 2, many also view both as the equal degree, with only a distinction in the name. The essential contrast amongst PGDM and MBA is from where you will get your MBA testament. If there should arise an occurrence of MBA the partnered college will issue you a degree if there should be an occurrence of a recognition the school issues one and the college has no relationship with it at all. Optional, and talk this by prattle, PGDM is a more down to earth degree which has less of hypothesis to mug up and a greater amount of case investigation and getting acquainted with this present reality. MBA, however, is hypothetical to a great extent in light of the fact that the colleges don’t truly keep a check towards redesigning their course. MBA is a post-graduation degree that can be offered in India by Institute that is under AICTE and takes after standards laid by UGC Commission. While PGDM is a Diploma Degree that is offered by foundations that are independent and don’t go under any representing body. While once can likewise see this distinction regarding work experience. In the US, MBA schools concede work experienced competitors, though in India regardless of the fact that you are a fresher you can at present get a PGDM. While deciding on PGDM courses, understudies must practice alert and check the accreditation status of the school. Universities offering PGDM courses should be licensed by AICTE. In the event of MBA, the schools are associated to a University and Universities are controlled by University Grants Commission (UGC) and the schools may likewise get certify by AICTE. Most MBA universities are as yet utilizing obsolete syllabus that is on the grounds that MBA educational programs is upgraded simply following a couple of years. Though PGDM concentrates more on building delicate aptitudes. PGDM organizations are continually in contact with the business which helps them take important inputs from the business stalwarts and thus a PGDM educational modules is dependably in a state of harmony with the business benchmarks. The essential distinction is that in the event that you seek after PGDM which is a Post Graduate certificate in Management, you can’t take up a Ph.D. degree specifically after that. It is a Post Graduate Certification. You should have a boss’s degree from any of the perceived college. Whereas MBA is a degree, which remains for Masters in Business Administration. So MBA itself is a Master’s degree which permits you to seek after Ph.D. specifically after that. So my recommendation is whether anyone takes up the PGDM program, then it is ideal to likewise seek after a separation Master’s degree all the while.


post-graduate-diploma-in-managementPGDM stands for “Post Graduate Diploma in Management”, the misunderstanding starts when you observe the word Diploma. A lot of students are on the observation that it is a Diploma class and not a Degree; you are accurate to an extent that it is a Diploma course. The most important cause why the postgraduate class is named as PGDM is for the reason that when an organization is an independent body (it is not joined to any University) and conducts management classes then such Institutes cannot suggest MBA degree. When an Institute secures self-rule they plan their own set of courses to be taught in its place of following obsolete University program. The cause why they choose to do is for the reason that the set of courses can be updated frequently depending on the requirement of the desired field. Hence, one can say that PGDM courses or extra business related as compared to MBA courses. Colleges which recommend AICTE standard courses will also offer PGDM. Typically, if any PGDM is same to MBA after that the course period should be two years, a one year PGDM will not be equivalent to MBA course.


mba-in-pakistanOnly those management institutes which are joined to a university can recommend an MBA degree. Institutes which are not joined to university are independent and can present PGDM [Post Graduate Diploma in Management] degree. Although, these programs are permitted by regulatory bodies such as” AICTE”. Although there are vast similarities in the set of courses of both MBA and PGDM. While the MBA extra focus on exam-oriented and academic aspects of management, PGDM has a focus on building soft skills and is an industry-oriented. It prepares us to work on the market. Since an independent institute does not have to follow university values, it is free to modify its set of courses according to university principles and changed business environment. PGDM gives you an industry exposure visit. Whereas it will take the time to alter the set of courses for MBAs as it is joined with a university and it will basically follow the university rule and standard changing this set of courses is an extremely sluggish process. An MBA will assist in developing business knowledge, technical skills, whereas a PGDM will prepare a senior level designation in business.

Key Differences

  • An MBA degree can be awarded only by colleges and universities that are joined to the universities. Other give PGDM.
  • MBA ‘Master of Business Administration’ is a Master’s degree but PGDM ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Management’ or PGDBM ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management’ is a Diploma record.

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