Difference between Pixie and Fairy

Main Difference

Pixie has its definition as a supernatural being that largely has pointed ears and wears a sharp hat, together with having a brief stature and humanlike formation. On the opposite hand, a fairy turns into the creature with a small physique that appears like human and has magical powers that largely do good for folks and normally are feminine characters.

Comparison Chart

Basis of DistinctionPixieFairy
DefinitionA fictional being largely used to scare children.A fictional creature that individuals, esp children prefer to fantasize.
CharacteristicThey have a destructive position within the film or literature and might change to a superb largely acts as a destructive.A personality that exhibits folks the suitable path and subsequently has an vital position till the tip.
OriginLate within the 18th century.Early within the 16th century.
LocationLive in hidden lands on earth.Do not dwell on our planet.


It has turn into well-known in tales for youths since they don’t have any relevance with actuality and solely exists in such folklore and youngsters books. They have an odd nature, though with attractiveness they possess evil traits. They are shy, however have a scary hidden function which is used to scare children. They are sometimes portrayed with pointed ears, and ceaselessly sporting a inexperienced outfit and pointed cap albeit customary tales depict them sporting filthy worn out packs of garments which they cheerfully get rid of for endowments of latest clothes. They are ceaselessly portrayed as not properly dressed or bare. Some fairies are mentioned to take kids or to steer explorers adrift. Mostly they’ve a destructive character which will change on the finish of the story or undergo the worst for straying folks from the suitable path. They turned frequent within the late 18th century and have now related with well-known film and ebook characters.


Just like different legendary creatures, they don’t have any resemblance to actuality, however some folks say they’ve seen fairies particularly in mountain areas although no proof of that exists. The reality of their false existence turns into frequent from the phrase fairytale meaning one thing that doesn’t exist in actual however solely as a narrative for youths or folktales. People dwelling in areas which have such tales frequent, inform tales of fairies however nobody is aware of the place they got here from and each account has a special description of them. The first origins are discovered within the mid-seventeenth century, as tales for individuals who visited the expensive salons in France. They nonetheless have many mentions in literature and largely painting one thing good and subsequently have the backing of households to indicate them extra on display screen. Most of them are fairly wanting and all of the tales have some good lesson for youths to study and subsequently they turn into affectionate in direction of the character and turn into some form of hero.

Key Differences

  • Pixie largely belongs to the characters which have a destructive position within the film or literature and might change to a superb one later. On the opposite hand, fairy largely acts as a constructive character that exhibits folks the suitable path and subsequently has an vital position till the tip.
  • Fairy largely are girls characters whereas a pixie might turn into male or feminine relying on the requirement.
  • The point out of pixies largely turns into frequent in motion pictures, folklores and fantasy whereas the point out of fairies turns into frequent in fairytales and folktales.
  • The time period pixie turned distinguished later within the 18th century and was meant to painting a humorous destructive character, whereas the time period fairy turned frequent later within the 16th century with the intention of giving a superb lesson to elders.
  • Fairies largely dwell in moon or clouds that wouldn’t have any relation to land, whereas pixies largely dwell in underground or hidden worlds that individuals can’t see.

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