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Difference between Prejudice and Racism

Main Difference

The term of the “prejudice” is referred to the inflexible judgment of an individual or situation the reason of which can never be found. Such an illogical opinion is the outcome of a narrow-minded person that may lead to the initiatives of the lack of sympathy and discrimination against the people of the other group. The basis of the prejudice is rather unnatural as a prejudice person may attach to detach from other person or group just because of the reason that the other individual or group belongs to a particular religious, social or political faction. The “Racism” on the other hand, is a term used to describe the superiority of the one race to another. The racism is the concept that results in the unfair treatment towards another race which is supposed to be inferior. It is the racism that shows the absolute belief of the people that the inherent differences are responsible for governing the acquisition of traits, skills and knowledge between these two races. By this discussion, you may say that the racism is a form of prejudice which is directed against a specific ethnic group just due to the difference of race.


prejudiceA person is said to be prejudiced if he or she has some beliefs with no reason. The main origin of the concepts of the Prejudice is the experiences gained from the past. We make an opinion about the social status of the other people just because of their attire as we have learned this judgment ability through experience. In most of the situations, the prejudice beliefs have no or very little concern with the race. The prejudice is learned from the experience, but it can be overlapped with the racism as well in some cases. The target people of the Prejudice person may not always be escorted by the factor of discrimination only. There are lots of logics are available in the favor of prejudice school of thought seeing that in certain circumstances, practicing the concepts developed by the prejudice may become healthy and may become vital for one’s survival in some exceptional cases. In the situation, when a dog is charging towards any person, it is his or her inherent belief that is known as prejudice which will give him/her the understanding of running away or calling help as the dog is advancing for hurting no matter if the actual intention of the dog is different. The prejudice therefore, is said to be the human nature to categorize things, and it is vital for enhancing the learning process. The negative practice of the prejudice such as calling a person with a bad name will create frustration, but it has no impact on the job opportunities or the civil rights and freedom of all and sundry. The negative practice of the prejudice concepts can be solved on the individual basis rather than the national level because every person should acknowledge the fact that every human is formed equal, and that’s why they should be treated as such for avoiding the negative aspects of the prejudice.


racismThe basis of the Racism is very rude and unfair in nature as it shows the superiority of one race to another without any logic. In most of the cases, the outcomes of the racism are destructive because with the spread of the racial discrimination, the creation of the injustice and inequality is a sure thing. The most popular example of the discrimination by race is against the African Americans in the US. The African Americans were labeled as second-class citizens just because of their black color. They did not have the right to enjoy the same privileges as their fellow countrymen having the white color body. The African Americans were laughed at, given low social and cultural position and due to the status of slaves. The outcomes of this racism tendency led to affecting their social and economic progress many a time. The foundation of the racism has roots in the socialization of an individual that may be obtained from the forefathers and the relatives or the media working in that area. The concepts of the racism may be generated by the need to attain the economic benefits. A job set-up can be established on the racism beliefs to reduce competition. The ideas of the racism are usually taught or instilled in the minds of the people by those who belong to the same race as him. The evil of the racism can only be resolved by an approach the main purpose of which is to focus on the process of adopting a more pluralistic attitude on the single entity level. The role of the law and order is essential for this intention that enforces equal opportunities for every person regardless of race in every sector and level.

Key Differences

  • Giving superiority of one race over another is called racism. In contrast, prejudice is the opinion that has no solid reason.
  • The concepts of the racism are taught but the prejudice thoughts come into existence with experience.
  • The impacts of the racism are more than that of prejudice.
  • In some cases, the prejudice thinking may lead to positive results while the outcomes of the racism can never be positive.
  • The harmful impacts of the prejudice can be solved on an individual basis. On the other hand, some solid actions have to make on individual and national level including the implementation of the rational law.
  • The use of the prejudice thoughts may lead to frustration but never damage the social status of the people, but the racism does.

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