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Difference between Republic and Democracy

Main Difference

The governing system of a country can be described by either democracy, theocracy, mobocracy, ochlocracy, or republic. All these are different form of governance. So, when it comes to concepts and implementation these two terms, democracy and republic must be understood differently. The main difference between republic and democracy is that republic.


republicA republic is s form of government system in which power rests with the elected individuals representation the citizen body and exercise the power as per rule of law of the country. It is the type of government that excludes a monarch. At present, 147 out of 206 sovereign states use the world ‘republic’ with their official government names. But the modern and ancient republics are widely different from each other. As compare to Eastern, this is more common in the Western world. This word describes a severing state but there are also sub-sovereign entities that are referred to as republics or that have government that are described as republican in nature.


democracyDemocracy is a system of government in which public is considered as the main power of the state as: They have the right to choose and replace the government via free and fair elections; There active participation in politics and civic life is ensured; Basic human rights are protected; There is an equal law for all the citizens of the state. There are further two kinds of democracy, direct democracy and representative democracy or democratic republic. In direct democracy, eligible citizens take part in political decision making and in representative democracy or democratic republic, political power is exercised by the elected representative of the public.

Key Differences

  • Republic is a type of government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who is modern times in usually a president. Democracy is a government by the people or simple a rule of the majority.
  • In democracy, the sovereignty is in the whole body of the free citizens while in republic, the sovereignty resides in the people themselves, whether one or many.
  • Classical Greece and Rome are examples of democracy. United States of America is the example of republic.
  • In democracy, citizens may make decisions for themselves except insofar as a majority function has limited individuals. In republic, individuals may make decisions for themselves, especially insofar as there is a constitutional prohibition on interfering with freedom of choice.
  • Direct democracy, presidential democracy, representative democracy, and parliamentary democracy are types of democracy. Democratic republics and constitutional republics are example of republic.

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