Difference between Science and Technology

Key Difference

The terms science and technology, are often pronounced in exactly the same breath and used as synonyms, since they’re closely intertwined, their difference is a lot of time ignored. Science is about obtaining knowledge of the natural phenomenon in addition to the reasons for such occurrence, such as Why the sky is blue? Why are leaves green? Why rainfall occurs? What are the colors of the rainbow? How do plants make their food? And so forth. If this knowledge is put to practice, to address human needs or issues, it is known as technology.

So, in short, science deals with concepts, rules and laws Whereas technology is all about products, designs and processes. In this article excerpt, we’re going to discuss all of the essential differences between science and technology.

Comparison Chart

MeaningScience is a systematic method of gaining knowledge on a specific subject, through experiments and observation.Technology adheres to the technical application of this scientific knowledge for a variety of purposes.
What is it?It’s the process of researching new understanding.It’s using laws of science to make new products.
Effectit’s usefulIt may be helpful or harmful.
ChangeDoesn’t changes.Changes continuously
Stresses onDiscoveryInvention
Bargains withStudy of structure and behaviour of natural and physical world, to make assumptions.Putting those assumptions into practice.
Method of evaluationEvaluation, deduction and concept developmentEvaluation and synthesis of design.
UseUsed to produce predictionsSimplify the job and meet the needs of individuals.


The word science is described as a method of obtaining knowledge, Through experimentation and observation, in order to elucidate organic phenomena. It’s a methodical and logical approach to researching, Which are the objects within the world? How do they operate? etc.. It’s a discipline that has a lot of branches such as physics, chemistry, biology, geology, botany, psychology and so forth.

Essentially, science is the set of knowledge obtained by means of Analysis about all of the things present around us. The knowledge is based on evidence and facts, relating to the discipline, rather than opinions and individual choices. And so, the laws and statements generated by science can’t be challenged, since they’re well observed and analyzed.

Science can be used in the development of newest technology, cure Diseases and solve a number of other issues. Research is always made, to expand our scientific understanding, which leaves an area of query for additional investigation.


Technology is a combination of technique, skills, processes, design, Products, etc. which is devoted to creating gadgets or instruments or to finish scientific investigation. It’s a set of knowledge that has practical application in the production, designing and utilisation of products for commercial, industrial or regular use.

We’re surrounded by things which are made with the help of specific Technology, i.e. if we work, communicate, travel, manufacture, protected data, business and nearly everywhere. Most men and women use technology, to simplify their work and to extend their skills. Additionally, it ensures a solution to several scientific issues.

Key Differences

  • Science may be defined as an organised method of collecting knowledge on a topic, through various experiments and observations. Technology is the practical use of the laws of science for different functions.
  • Science is only a process of researching new knowledge, whereas engineering is putting scientific knowledge to practice.
  • Science is quite useful to gain knowledge about a natural phenomenon, and their motives. To the contrary, technology can be helpful or harmful, i.e. technology is both a blessing and bane, such that if it’s used in the perfect way, it helps humans in solving lots of issues, however, if it’s put to incorrect uses, it can lead to destruction of the entire world.
  • Science remains unchangeable; just additions are made to additional knowledge. Conversely, technology changes at a fast pace, in the sense that, advancement in preceding technology is created constantly.
  • Science stresses on discovery, like facts and laws of nature. Unlike engineering, focuses on the creations, like the growth of newest technique, to ease the work of people.
  • Science is the study of behaviour and structure of physical and natural world, to create assumptions. In contrast, technology deals with placing those assumptions into practice.
  • Science is concerned with analysis, deduction and concept development. On the flip side, technology is based on analysis and synthesis of design.
  • Science is used to make predictions whereas engineering simplifies the job and satisfy the needs of individuals.


In Conclusion, we can say that science is understanding, but technology is about doing. When it’s all about solving of problems both the two disciplines work together. Science has helped us in gaining knowledge of the things present in the world and to make predictions on future outcomes. Tech, on the other hand, has assisted us in simplifying our work by providing us different goods, that helps us to get better results in less time. But it has some negative uses also, So it must always be used positively.

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