Difference between TCP and UDP

Main Difference

TCP and UDP every are used for transferring data or packets on the internet. They are the protocols to ship the knowledge. Both perform the an identical job nonetheless one of the simplest ways is totally completely different. TCP stands for “Transmission Control Protocol”. UDP stands for “User Datagram Protocol.” The most necessary between them is that the TCP is connection oriented whereas UDP is connection-less. In TCP after the connection is setup, bidirectional sending of data is possible nonetheless in UDP, packets are despatched in chunks. TCP is further reliable than UDP, nonetheless UDP is faster than TCP.


tcpTCP stands for “Transmission Control Protocol.” TCP is a connection-oriented protocol whereby the knowledge could possibly be transferred bidirectionally after connection is being setuped. TCP is reliable and secure nonetheless comparatively slower as a result of it retains the knowledge simple and checks error. The order of data at receiving end is an identical as on sending end. Header dimension of TCP is 20 bytes.


udpUDP stands for “User Datagram Protocol.” UDP is connection-less protocol whereby data is required to ship in chunks. UDP do not need error checking mechanism that is the rationale it is a lot much less reliable nonetheless is faster in data transferring than TCP. Header dimension of UDP is eight bytes.

 Key Differences

  • TCP stands for “Transmission Control Protocol” whereas UDP stands for “User datagram Protocol”.
  • TCP is connection oriented protocol whereas UDP is connectionless protocol.
  • TCP is further reliable than UDP.
  • UDP is further sooner for data sending than TCP.
  • UDP makes error checking nonetheless no reporting nonetheless TCP makes checks for errors and reporting.
  • TCP supplies guarantee that the order of data at receiving end is an identical as on sending end whereas UDP has no such guarantee.
  • Header dimension of TCP is 20 bytes whereas that of UDP is eight bytes.
  • TCP is heavy weight as a result of it desires three packets to setup a connection whereas UDP is gentle weight.
  • TCP has acknowledgement segments nonetheless UDP has no acknowledgement.
  • TCP is used for software program that require extreme reliability nonetheless a lot much less time important whereas UDP is used for software program which might be time delicate nonetheless require a lot much less reliability.

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