Difference between Thong and G-string

Main Difference

In majority of the cases, you can declare any underwear a thong if it has wider fabric for the narrow piece running down the bottom and rear quarters. The shape of the thongs is specific in nature and most of the time it will come in front of you in the form of the signature v-shaped design at the lower back. You can differentiate a thong from a g-string by critically observing the design and style of the panty or swimwear. An item is said to be a thong it has a heavier material and announced for swimming motive. You can spot a thong easily with the help of its thicker construction and well-built fabrics that may be consist of the cotton and stretched bands. The use of a thong is helpful particularly for sports such as the aerobic workout. The fabric of a g-string is not as heavier and the main objective of which to create the sexy appearance. Thus, the main utilization of the G-string is for sleeping purpose and dressing for a romance. The use of various sorts of garments is the nature of every person the basic purpose of which is to shield men and women from the external elements. The garments are utilized for aesthetic purposes as well. It is an interesting fact that people have forgotten the primary objective of clothing as they have employed for other purposes mainly. Every sort of garment, no matter if it is a formal wear or casual house attire, is used for the fashion point of view these days. In the similar context, the main objective of the lingerie has changed from a simple piece of cloth to cover the genitals to a sexy item of clothing for attracting the stimulating eyes of anyone around. At the present time, the G-strings and thongs are classified as two different types of underwear for females which come under the category of lingerie. Most of us and even companies don’t distinguish between them but it is useful to know the difference between these two items of lingerie for information and purchasing point of view for which this article is able to serve you well.


thongIt is the quality of most of the thongs that they are worn more in order to employ the physical sports because it is available in the form of the wider range of material. The thong is the excellent choice for you if your primary intention is to obtain more sun exposure. It is also useful to avoid annoying tan lines particularly in the back area. After checking the “strip” part of most the thongs available in the market, you will observe that it is between a half inch and an inch wide that will offer very little coverage which is still greater than the G-string. The thongs have a wider clothing band as compared to the G-string. A thong has the ability to wraps around the hips. The thongs are the most common types of clothing for using as a support undergarment in the sports including the aerobics and more.


g-stringAs the name speaks itself, the G-string, in contrast, factually is well equipped with a string that you can find easily in the place of that narrow piece of fabric. This is the major reason that using the G-string will never provides you any coverage at all. The G-String is the undergarment the main objective of which is to enhance the sexy aspect of your body. Because of the unique structure of the G-string, it is able to help you in the process of getting rid of the visible panty line. These are the strings which is the base for creating the name of the G-string gets. These strings are placed right above the buttocks. A triangle-shaped piece of fabric is present in the G-string that is very similar to the tale of a capital letter “G” and as an outcome, making this unique name. The use of the g-string is very beneficial for you in the case when you wish to get rid of the bulky underwear that gathers up beneath your clothing most of the time. Usually, this is the G-string that is a very narrow piece of cloth in nature used as an undergarment by women. The material of the G-String is either plastic or leather, and performs the duty of covering or holding the genitals only. The G-string is designed in such a way that it must pass in between the buttocks, and should be seen to be linked to a band seized around the waistline or hips in order to produce an eye catching appearance. The most common use of the G-string is to enhance sexy looks or for sleeping purpose. It is basically a sub category of the thongs.

Key Differences

  • Thong has wider scope as compared to the g-strings because G-string is the sub group of thong.
  • The G-string is usually less wide and thick, comparing to the thong.
  • The major use of thong is sports such as aerobics while the main utilization of the G-string is to present sexy appearance and thus, mainly used in honeymoon and similar events.
  • The G-string caters less coverage than that of a thong.

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