Difference between Tourist And Traveler

Main Difference

Tourists and travelers are not permanent residents of the area. They visit a place just for the sake of entertainment or for carrying out any important work. The main difference between a tourist and a traveler is that a tourist actually visits a place for a complete tour. To be more accurate, a tourist wants to visit and appreciate almost every worthy place of that country or city. While on the contrary, a traveler tends to travel rather than visiting almost every single place. He travels from one place to another, he doesn’t stay in one place for that long. A traveler could travel for business, academic or any other purpose.


touristTourist is actually a person who sets out to appreciate most sites of a specific country. Tourists are usually out there to wander around and see various places or sites. They would want to go out there and visit all the places. They do not want to miss the amazing sights of the specific place and after wandering all day long, they just want to get all cozy in their hotel rooms and order a hot coffee for themselves. Not necessarily hot coffee. Who wants to have a hot coffee in hot areas like Egypt? Well, moving on, a tourist is not out there for some specific goal or to talk, manage business, he’s out there for having fun basically. They usually have a guide book with them or they hire a tour guide to help them through.


travelerTravelers are out there for a purpose, they usually don’t have to stick to one place and see delightful sights. They could stick to business instead and they usually don’t stay at one place for that long. Travelers are not out for vacations, unlike tourists. They usually have a tough schedule and they actually do not have an ample time to enjoy a mug of hot coffee in their hotel rooms. They tend to be quick and do what they’ve come for, in a jiffy. We can say that a traveler is a professional tourist. Travelers usually don’t afford expensive hotels because they’re not out there for visiting places or for sight-seeing, instead they’re there for just doing their work.

Key Differences

  • Tourists usually need a tour guide or a guidebook but travelers mostly know everything about the place.
  •  most of the tourists are first timers but usually travelers are not. They tend to travel a lot.
  • A tourist is out on a tour. A traveler is usually out for business.
  • A traveler will usually not opt for a five star and he won’t spend excessively on food and drinks, a tourist will definitely do all that.
  • A traveler is not interested in visiting site and taking pictures, a travel is the complete opposite.

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