Difference between Undergraduate and Graduate

Main Difference

The main difference between graduate and undergraduate is that undergraduate programs are more general in nature while graduate programs are highly specialized in nature and much more advanced than graduate programs

Under Graduation

under-graduationAll of the undergraduate programs that are offered by differed colleges and universities of the world refers to the associate or the bachelor degrees. However, all of the undergraduate programs are usually more general when it comes to their nature. In the undergraduate programs, different kind of education courses are included, but in a very huge variety of the subjects. Moreover, the classes of the undergraduate programs are usually of long hours as well as less individualized. It is much easier for the undergraduates to change their major subjects anytime they want in the start and then move to any other subject of their choice. But, the undergraduate courses are always less specialized than the graduate ones.


graduationAll of the programs that are offered to the students in their graduation programs are more specialized than any of the undergraduate programs because they are always much more advanced. The best thing about the graduate programs is that all the students of that class are given the chance of working close with their professors and sometimes on one for one basis as well. The graduation programs always refer to masters or the doctoral programs that are actually much more advanced. The studies in the graduation programs are usually research oriented and this is the reason why these classes are not held for hours as only clearing the concepts matters in graduation. However, in the programs of graduation, the students can’t change their majors as all of them are usually research based courses that are once selected cannot be changed later. This is the reason why the students are always suggested to choose their subjects wisely.

Key Differences

  • Graduate has the previous achievement of bachelor, while the undergraduate has the secondary education
  • The aim of a graduate is to pass through the master or the doctorate, while the undergraduates aim is the bachelor.
  • Graduate refers to someone who has been in the subject of a graduation, while the undergraduate is someone who has completed the secondary education and is completing its bachelor.
  • Schools and institutes are different for graduates and undergraduates.
  • Undergraduate programs and courses are more natural and general while the graduate programs are highly specialized.

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