Difference between WWE and WWF

  • Main Difference

    World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Wrestling Federation (WWF) stands for an American professional wrestling body. The basic difference between these two is that first it was WWF and in 2002 it was replaced by WWE.


    wweWorld Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is an American professional wrestling body that was established in 2002. The previous name of the organisation was World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Major source of revenue is film, music, product, licensing, and direct sales of its products. WWE is a professional wrestling promotion itself and was founded by Jess McMahon, and Toots Mondt in 1952 by the name of Capitol Wrestling Corporation. By the end of 2014, it is the largest wrestling promotion platform in the world that holds over 320 televised and non-televised events every year and has over 36 million viewers in over 150 countries around the world.


    wwfWorld Wrestling Federation (WWF) is the old name of American professional body that was established in 1998. Before WWF, its name was Titan Sports. The title of WWF was lasted for one years when in 1999 it was succeeded by the name of WWFE (World Wrestling Federation Entertainment) and in 1999, its name was changed to WWE and same is the present name of the organisation. A special program SmackDown was started by WWF. In 1999, WWF purchased its two competitors (World Championship Wrestling) WCW and ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling).

    Key Differences

    • First basic difference between two is the name. Both stands for a wrestling organisation.
    • WWF name lasted for one year from 1998 to 1999 when it was replaced by WWFE while WWE is the latest name since 2002.
    • WWF name was changed because of case filed by Word Wide Fund for Nature (WWFN) for corruption.
    • Casualties and sex harassment were also the reason behind the change of name when organisation change the name to WWE to show that it is wholly established for entertainment purposes.