Difference between ZIP Code and Postal Code

Main Difference

Zip code and postal code stands for set of code which is perhaps utilized in sending undergo completely different locations. The inclusion of these code on letter or mail make it simple to be ship on the exact locations. The most essential between zip code and postal code is that zip code is used as a code in United States whereas postal code is utilized in the rest of the world.

ZIP Code

zip-codeZIP code is postal code system that is being utilized by U.S. Postal Service (USPS) since 1963. It is the acronym for ‘Zone Improvement Plan’ and was launched to make the mail travels system extra sensible and setting pleasant as when sender insert the zip code of a areas then it grew to develop into simple to form out the posts that belong to that individual space/area/metropolis. The free on-line lookup software program for ZIP codes might be seen on the official web page of USPS. So, ZIP code is the number of the postal zone all through the actual metropolis. There are four types of ZIP codes: Unique: assigned to a single high-volume deal with. P.O. Box solely: used only for PO Boxes at a given facility, not for another form of provide; Military: used to route mail for the U.S. military; and Normal” all completely different ZIP codes.

Postal Code

postal-codeA postal code or submit code is a set of letters or digits appended to a postal/mailing deal with for the purpose of sorting mail. This system is being utilized by completely different worldwide areas moreover U.S. As on February 2005, 117 of 190 members of Universal Postal Union (UPU) had postal code system. Postal codes are normally assigned to geographical areas, nonetheless, specific codes are used for specific particular person addresses or to institutions that get hold of large volumes of mail resembling authorities institutes/departments/companies and large industrial companies. French CEDEX (Courier d’Enterprise a Distribution EXceptionnelle) is occasion of that. The characters utilized in postal codes are: the Arabic numerals ‘0’ to ‘9’; letters of the ISO elementary Latin alphabet; areas and hyphens. Numeric digit can fluctuate from Three-digit to 10-digit and alphabetic fluctuate from 6-digit to Eight-digit.

Key Differences

  • Both are similar points nonetheless ZIP code is used for United States whereas postal code is utilized in numerous worldwide areas moreover United States.
  • Postal code may also be used as a PIN code is a couple of worldwide areas.
  • In ZIP code, first digit represents a certain group of U.S, the second and third collectively reveals a space in that group and fourth and fifth digits characterize a gaggle of provide addresses inside that space. In postal code, the first three characters are known as the Forward Sortation Area (FSA). The last three are known as Local Delivery Unit (LDU).
  • In ZIP code, numerals are sued whereas in postal code, Latin alphabet are moreover used together with numerals.


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